Modi'in is a young, visually stunning, park- filled city that draws Israelis and immigrants alike. Planned to be Israel's 4th largest city, Modi'in is ideally situated midway between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The property market is fast growing and dynamic, making Modi'in an ideal investment opportunity. There can be no better choice than Israel's most beautiful and exciting city, the city of the future, the city of Modi'in.

Below are descriptions of neighbourhoods that should offer you insight into Modi'in and its surroundings.


 Shimshoni Neighbourhood

The neighbourhood (Shimshoni) is conveniently located in the North-West of Modiin. It was designed for young families, and contains a  park , kindergartens, schools, and a youth center. Finding and installing services such as o2 broadband, cable, etc. shouldn't be too hard. It is surrounded by three shopping centers. Shimshoni (with a Super Center supermarket and a SuperPharm drug store), Dona center (with a bank, hairdresser, health clinic and more ) and Solomon Center (with a bank, many shops, and a cafe.

It is conveniently located between two exits from Modiin one to Tel Aviv and the other to Jerusalem, it is 5 minutes drive from the train station and a central bus terminal (in construction). It is also close to the municipality  of Modiin only 10 minutes walk away.


Buchman Neighbourhood  

 Buchman is Modiin's most sort after and exclusive neighbourhood. It is located on the southern part of Modiin. There is Buchman North, the established part, and Buchman South which is now being developed. The population of Buchman is diverse, many of its residents are from Anglo Saxon origin. There is a mixture of both religious and secular residents, all communities and backgrounds respecting each other. You can enter Buchman  by turning into Sderot Yizhak Rabin from Hashmonaim Street. On the right hand side you can see the Zilbermintz project of duplexes and triplexes. On the left hand side a beautiful park divides Buchman from the Givat C neighbourhood. This park is a focal point on Shabbatot and Jewish holidays for the religious community, and is well equipped with safe playgrounds. From there on, one goes upwards towards Yehuda Street and the more expensive part of Buchman, where the larger houses are situated. Dan Street is where Malibu has built some very well designed and spacious properties. Yosef Street cuts through Dan Street, and on the left one can see the beautiful Sarfaty houses. Shimon Street  has many Zilbermintz houses, these are uniquely designed, and recognized by their dark grey upper extension. Prices in Buchman range from  about 1,300,000 NIS for garden apartment to over 3,000,000 NIS for some of the top properties. There are schools for secular and religious. Buchman is only a 5 minute drive from the newly opened Yishpro shopping complex, which has a wide range of shops. Buchman is a beautiful neighbourhood, but is still in its infancy, and prices for its property are rising all the time. Buchman now has its first little shopping centre situated between Ruben street and Yisaschar street. There is a small grocer shop selling bread, milk products and other necessary and useful items. 


If you are looking for a deep insight into Buchman and its unique qualities, there is no better way than to make a special and unique journey into the Buchman in Modiin website.

Anabe Park

Park Anabe is planned to be one of the most beautiful and largest parks in Israel. It is located in the centre of Modiin, close to the famous Dimri towers and borders on the beautiful Kaiser neighbourhood. At present the park consists of a empty boating lake, the train tunnel, an unusable adventure playground, a large area of lawns and a path that winds and cuts through the wadi. Park Anabe is a beautiful nature trail for walkers, dogs and cyclists. Below are some photographs to give a feel of  this delightful part of Modiin.

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Cycling through Anabe Park Dalmation moving rocks in Anabe Dimri Towers

 Meeting along the path Kaiser from Anabe Kaiser from Anabe

Empty boating lake, Azrielli and Luki Luki twin towers Machluf project, Shani Street, Kaiser

View accross wadi Anabe Pathway through Anabe park Dog enjoying Anabe park

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